It's insane to repeat the same behavior while expecting a different outcome.

What this means is that you cannot get slimmer until you CHANGE your eating habits to something NEW and DIFFERENT, something which you've never tried before

For example, if you choose not to begin using this diet and you keep eating your same meals.......then you'll be stuck with the SAME BODY forever.   Your body will not change all by itself, because you won't wake up one morning and be thinner until you TAKE THAT FIRST STEP and try something new.


The MAIN Reason Which Prevents People From Losing Weight...

The main reason which prevents people from losing weight is ENDLESS procrastination.

Most people tell themselves that they'll begin dieting "next week" or "after some future holiday" (or some other excuse) -- and that let's them procrastinate even further.

::The Truth::

The truth is that it doesn't matter what month it is.

...And it doesn't matter what time of year it is either.........since it's foolish to wait until a particular month to get slim.  

Why would you want to remain overweight until some future "month" or "time of year"?  

Getting slim allows you to wear more attractive (and better fitting) clothes right now..........and that feeling is very worthwhile.   
::Pull Out Your Calendar::

We encourage you to pull out your calendar and circle today's date.   Then, count ahead 11 days and circle that day too That day will be coming very fast, so why not be slimmer on that day? 

Every journey begins with taking that first step.............and if you never take that first step then you'll never have a thinner and more attractive body.



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