DMCA and Trademark Issues

All Trademark/Copyright complainants should follow the procedures outlined on this page to ensure the quickest resolution possible. 

There are many advertisements which promote located throughout the Internet.  Most of these ads are placed by 3rd party advertisers.

These 3rd party advertisers work directly for Click Sales, Inc. (our online retailer)

These 3rd party advertisers all agree to abide by certain 'terms of service' which prohibit them from violating the trademarks or copyrights of other entities -- and such matters are taken very seriously.

Therefore, action will be taken to resolve all legit complaints when we become aware of such issues

All trademark/copyright issues which are related to 3rd party advertisements should be sent to BOTH Click Sales, Inc. and Internet Made Simple for quickest resolution. 

Please note: 3rd party advertisements can be defined as ads which originated on web sites other than (such as Search Engines or other sites).......which ultimately lead visitors to after they click on such ads. 

[Please send all complaints to BOTH parties below:]

Internet Made Simple
23785 El Toro Rd. #601
Lake Forest, CA 92630


Click Sales, Inc. (ClickBank)

917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200
Boise ID 83706 USA



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