Good Carbs versus Bad Carbs...

The word "carbs" is everywhere these days, and there are many diets which are either "for" carbs or "against" carbs.

The public is getting confused about all this confusion over carbs, and nobody seems to really understand what to do when dieting these days.

So we'll explain the simple truth about carbs and what it takes to begin losing weight immediately.

A "carb" is just a short hand way of saying "a carbohydrate". 

A carbohydrate is a special type of calorie which contains extra energy, which is why you'll feel more energetic when eating foods which are rich in carbohydrates.  For example, if you eat a bag of candy or a piece of cake then you'll feel very energetic afterwards, because these are foods which are rich in excess carbs.

The truth is that not all carbs are fattening, because there are different types of carbs -- there are "good carbs" and there are "bad carbs" too.

However, if you are overweight (or if you're one of those people who has been overweight since childhood) then it's 99% certain that your daily foods contain too many bad carbs -- and not enough good carbs.

Sugar is a type of bad carb, and most people think they know how to avoid sugar.  But the truth is that sugar has MANY different forms which are very hard to spot in foods.  ...And this is why you'll never lose weight until you learn to eat good carbs only.

For example, most people falsely believe that eating foods sweetened with honey are somehow healthier than eating foods sweetened with sugar --- but in reality honey is just as fattening as sugar.  In fact, honey is filled with the same fattening carbs as sugar.

Why is this true?

This is true because honey (and other bad carbs) cause your blood sugar level to rise sharply after a meal (which is why you'll feel energetic after eating a honey based meal).  

This causes you to gain weight because when your blood sugar rises then your body is forced to over-produce a hormone called "insulin" (because insulin is needed to help process excess blood sugar).   ...And when your body produces too much insulin then fat storage will occur.

But if you eat good carbs (instead of bad carbs) then your blood sugar level will not skyrocket after each meal, and thus you can burn fat and lose weight much easier.  Plus, you'll feel energetic all day on a more even level, without the "highs" and "lows" that most overweight people experience.

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