The Rice Diet vs. Cabbage Soup Plan
(The Rice Diet vs. Mayo Clinic)

Our Review:

First of all, the Rice Diet is actually not a diet based on rice. 

The Rice Diet was created by Duke University and it's designed to help people with diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and obesity. 

But it's not a typical diet which people can follow from the comfort of their own homes -- because it's a medically supervised program which is administered by doctors and nutrition experts from a placed called the Rice House in Durham, North Carolina.  In other words, you must travel to the Rice Diet Center to participate in this weight loss program.

Overweight people from around the world do visit the Rice Diet Center to participate in health classes and workshops, and to be supervised by nutrition experts while following the program.   Dieters stay there for an average of 4-8 weeks.

This program consists of 2 phases. 

The first phase consists of grains and fruits, and should only be done under medical supervision.

The second phase adds fish, vegetables, beans and other carbs to the menu.

This program is probably best suited to seriously overweight people who have been struggling with obesity for most of their lives, or other people who need to lose a lot of weight.  It's certainly not for everybody, and many people may find this program way too expensive.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is much different though, and it's not nearly as healthy in our opinion.   This diet is also known as the Mayo Clinic Program, for those who don't know.

So what is the Cabbage Soup (Mayo Clinic) Diet?

It's basically a 7 day plan which allows unlimited cabbage soup each day.

The reason for this is because there is almost no calories in the soup (very few calories in the soup).  Other foods can be eaten too, but the only food which can be eaten every single day in "unlimited quantities" is cabbage soup.

The menu is a bit bizarre though, because on some days it allows unlimited fruit along with unlimited cabbage soup -- while on other days it allows unlimited vegetables along with cabbage soup.

Yet on other days it allows unlimited rice to be eaten, while on other days lots of bananas are encouraged to be eaten. 

Clearly this is an unusual weight loss program, it's basically a quick 7 day diet for people who are willing to lose weight via eating severely lower calories.

We do not recommend using the Cabbage Soup / Mayo Clinic program, and it's our opinion that this type of program is not very healthy.

We think that the Rice Diet seems like a better choice -- but the Rice Diet is not for average people since it's a medically supervised program which is probably best suited to seriously overweight people (or other dieters who have been struggling with obesity for a long time).

So overall it seems that both programs are not a very good choice for most dieters, since there are better choices out there in our opinion.   We therefore do not recommend either of these diets for average dieters.


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